Bad*ss Baby Unicorn

Tarot Deck

Hilarious Scenes Featuring the Wild Antics of Bad A** Baby Unicorns
(may not be suitable for children)

The deck you didn't know you wanted...until now

78-card original art

tarot deck

  • Professional Quality

    The cards measure 2.75''×4.75'' (70mm × 120mm) on super smooth professionally coated S33 superior smooth card stock (durable materials - so shuffle as much as you like!)

  • Packaged for protection

    Comes shrink-wrapped and swaddled in a swank purple velvet drawstring bag for easy use

Make Your Readings

Extra Magical 

You won't find a deck like this anywhere

else in the universe!

  • Traditional "Rider-Waite" tarot deck meanings are used as a foundation.

    While some cards follow common iconography fairly closely, others may diverge strongly from tradition (mostly for your entertainment).

  • Extra Digital Goodies!

    Comes with a link to a printable PDF quick-guide containing notes on the meaning and symbolism for each card along with unicorn-y tarot spreads for extra magical readings

More magical features...

This is a complete 78-card original art tarot deck.
Fully illustrated - even the Minor Arcana!

Our Unicorns' potty-mouths may not be suitable for children

A posh custom rigid box for style points and easy access

Hilarious scenes are original hand drawings, digitally colored

2.75''×4.75'' cards fit perfectly in the palm of your hand

The perfect addition to your Unicorn altar for all of your Unicorn rituals (if that's your thing)

Lovingly created by a fellow unicorn-obsessed adult who refuses to grow up

Super cute, durable cards that

shuffle easily... did I mention they're cute?

A fun and light-hearted way to deliver heavy-hitting messages


A few good words

about the deck...

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Bada** Baby Unicorn Tarot Deck Today

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