Hi! A tarot reading can be very good for getting answers and/or direction to a problem or situation that you would like clarity/insight on what matters most to you presently.  If you would like to ask a specific question, then please include a note with your order (no legal or medical questions please).

I will provide a private Tarot card reading within 48 hours, which will be in the form of a video/photo/audio recorded for you and will be available for you via a private download link, which I'll deliver to you via email. You can then view/play back the reading as many times as you need. 

Please choose the type of reading you would like with the pull-down menu:

  • [1 card email reading] a single card intuitively pulled for you about your current life situation
  • [3 card email reading] 3 cards that speak to your present energy and the direction of your current path
  • [5 card email reading] 5 cards speaking to what your current soul lesson is and how you can move through it
  • [10 card email reading + oracle messages] 10 cards in the traditional Celtic Cross formation to give you an abundance of information regarding your past, present, future and a details look at your journey along with selected oracle messages as necessary.
  • [30 / 60 min. LIVE session] CLICK HERE to schedule a 1-1 live session with me where you can ask the tarot as many questions as time allows.  Receive specific life solutions or general guidance, channeled oracle and angel messages to help you find peace, love, abundance and solutions to each of your requests.

The Tarot Deck that we will be using is a 78 card deck based on the Rider-Waite tradition and we may also use other oracle decks depending on the depth of your reading. 

Along with Tarot experience, learning and reading, I also bring to you a wealth of life/professional knowledge and experience plus life coaching and mindfulness training qualifications and skills to your readings. 

Looking forward to helping you!

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