2019 Hip Hop All Stars Tarot Cards | Magic Spiritual Divination Tools for Psychic Readers | Music Entertainment Urban Rap Art Tarot Deck


*** PRE-ORDER ONLY  - SHIPS ON July 31st *** 

(While supplies last)

This is a complete 78-card original art tarot deck. 
Fully illustrated - even the Minor Arcana!

Scenes are original hand drawings, colored digitally into detailed scenes featuring depictions of current events from your favorite hip hop entertainers.

The cards measure 2.75''×4.75'' (70mm × 120mm) on super smooth glossy high quality coated card stock, and are encased in a black velvet drawstring bag.

Also included is an 80-page PDF guidebook and printed quick guide with notes on the meanings and symbolism of each card. This deck uses the Rider-Waite tarot deck meanings as a foundation.  While some cards follow common iconography fairly closely, others may diverge strongly from tradition.

You won't find a deck like this anywhere else in the universe!
And yes, we do design custom decks - simply send us a message :)

*** Thank you so much for looking! ***

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