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From: Powder in 65 capsules

Origin: Peru

Chiric Sanango is a beautiful Amazonian plant and is used because of here healing potential since ancient time. People use the plant to strengthen elderly people and their bones as well as to treat fever, diarrhea, wounds, inflammations and some other symptoms. The medicine is made as a decoction of the leaves or bark, or as an infusion of the roots whereby the roots are mostly the most potent part. Chiric Sanango contains an alkaloid named scopoletin, but the effects of scopoletin are very different from those of the scopolamine in Toé (Brugmansia). The effect of ingesting Chiric Sanango can be as followed — a tingling and vibrating sensation in the extremities, moving inward toward the head with ever-increasing intensity; periodic waves of cold; tremors, electric vibrations penetrating the chest and back, stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness, vertigo and loss of coordination.

Sanango Diet Overview

When one diets a Chiric Sanango or Uchu Sanango plant dieta, the standard isolation and dietary restrictions apply. For each dose, three large roots are peeled and the shavings are soaked in water for up to 8 hours. The dose is administered at 3am for the first three days of the diet. Our curandero will place an arcana (protection) on the dieter for the duration of the isolation. Mapacho smoke is often used throughout the diet to cleanse and center the dieter. A strict meal diet is followed which consists only of: rice, eggs, chicken, and plantains. No salt or oil is added to any meal and every meal is prepared and delivered with love.

Chiric Sanango Diet

Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora) also known as Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow grows naturally in the upper Amazon basin, including the RHC property. The Chiric Sanango plant boasts white and purple flowers. This diet is the stronger of the two Sanango diets and should be approached with total commitment and discipline. Shamans and doctors of the Amazon prescribe this root for colds and arthritis. The word “Chiric” in Quechua means ‘itchy’ or ‘tickling’, which refers to the sensation of the brew being swallowed. Its purpose is to enable the dieter to open up on all levels necessary to experience deep integrative healing on all levels. It has been said to help heal a broken heart or cool down an enraged or jealous heart. It has also been said to open up the sacral chakra and cultivate a higher sense of Self or ‘self-esteem.’ It aids in emotional healing and provides a greater sense of mental clarity. The effects that the dieter may experience most intensely may include dizziness, disorientation, extreme chills, weakness or fatigue, and releasing of oppressed emotions. These are a direct result of the medicine cleansing the body of toxins and negative energies. The strongest physical discomfort typically passes by the 3rd day of the diet.

The dieter must stay in isolation in order to focus on introspection and understanding of the emotions being released. Journaling is encouraged during this isolation diet. Frequent bathing is recommended throughout the duration of the diet to cleanse and cool the body of the toxins being released. When it is time to break the diet, the Shaman will administer a salt mouthwash and the dieter may re-enter the group and society as a whole. Please refer to the Important Disclaimer at the bottom of page regarding breaking this diet.

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