5 Week Class Series : 4 Steps into the Vortex


4 Steps Into The Vortex

Commit Yourself to Giving You the Gift of Personal Power and Vision for Life.   Your Package includes 5 video classes:

  1. (E) Intro to class and Sample Journey (Sun/Fire) (hu-Man)  
  2. (S) Explanation of Material World (Earth) (Attention & Energy)  
  3. (W) Journey Into Emotions (Moon/Water) (Belief Defines Reality)  
  4. (N) Mental Structures and Mind (Sky/Air) (Change Your Mind)  
  5. (C ) Step Into The Vortex, Finding The Force (InterConnection)     

Each Class Includes:

1) Explanation, 

2) Science

3) An Exercise,

4) A Visual Labyrinth Walk to rewire your circuitry,

5) Drumming for Meditative Trance Journey,

6) Integration - journaling

7)  FB community check-ins (optional) and Q&A


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