2 Kambo treatments + 5 Week Class Series : 4 Steps into the Vortex


2 Kambo Ceremonies INCLUDED!

Looking for a serious way to get Un-Stuck? ...Do it with Amazonian Frog Medicine!  It's the best way to get yourself our of old patterns and habits, period!

Please view the following video for more information:


Note: Please make certain to be prepared for some serious life changes. This means that whatever you have been carrying around that no longer serves your higher good may have to give way!


Kambo is a medicine that comes from frog secretion, and for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is very important. Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” it has also gained renown outside of the Amazon as a powerful treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence.

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4 Steps Into The Vortex: 5 Week Class Series

Commit Yourself to Giving You the Gift of Personal Power and Vision for Life.   Your Package includes 5 video classes:

  1. (E) Intro to class and Sample Journey (Sun/Fire) (hu-Man)  
  2. (S) Explanation of Material World (Earth) (Attention & Energy)  
  3. (W) Journey Into Emotions (Moon/Water) (Belief Defines Reality)  
  4. (N) Mental Structures and Mind (Sky/Air) (Change Your Mind)  
  5. (C ) Step Into The Vortex, Finding The Force (InterConnection)     

Each Class Includes:

1) Explanation, 

2) Science

3) An Exercise,

4) A Visual Labyrinth Walk to rewire your circuitry,

5) Drumming for Meditative Trance Journey,

6) Integration - journaling

7)  FB community check-ins (optional) and Q&A


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